Founded in 2016, Teacher Socials is the largest and most trusted teacher community in the UAE. Run by teachers for teachers, we are a holistic wellbeing company that cares for the needs of teachers.

It all starts with our simple philosophy- Happy Teachers, Teach Happy! Our mission is to promote all teachers’ positive wellbeing. We are the only teacher wellbeing organisation in the region, working with the MOE and the KHDA, to help teachers find a good life – work balance, through promoting good Mental, Physical and Financial Wellbeing.

Teacher Socials membership is open to all employees working within the education sector. If you're here in the UAE, this is the community for you!

At Teacher Socials we want our teachers to enjoy being a teacher. We believe a happy teacher is a more successful teacher! A happy teacher should feel mentally, physically and financially well.

We do this by hosting a variety of teacher meetings and events, by regularly publishing helpful blog articles on wellbeing, and by providing free Professional Development in schools. In addition to creating a platform for teachers to meet and network, we will soon be launching our amazing teacher lifestyle app. Pre-register here to be the first to know when it launches!

The Teacher Socials app is the best teacher lifestyle app, with many exclusive discounts on the products and services that UAE teachers know and love, including huge saving deals on restaurants, long-stay hotel apartments, car rental, staycations, top tourist attractions, travelling, music lessons, insurance, and water activities, to name a few! In addition, the Teacher Socials app is the only way to access to the best teacher events and parties in the region. Finally, the app has a dedicated wellbeing section, full of helpful tips and articles written by professional life coaches, psychologists, fitness experts, and financial experts.

Unlike other discount apps available, every single function / feature in the Teacher Socials app has been designed with the teacher’s positive wellbeing in mind.

To improve your Mental Wellbeing, the Teacher Socials app will give you direct access to the best teacher exclusive events in the region, which connects like-minded people together.

To boost your Physical Wellbeing, the Teacher Socials app has amazing discounts on the most popular gyms in the UAE, as well as access to articles written by fitness experts in the Wellbeing section of the app.

To promote your Financial Wellbeing, the Teacher Socials app has hundreds of exclusive discounts on the products, services, and companies that teachers actually use, which will boost your savings massively! Plus our unique inbuilt Expense Tracker helps you create a budget and monitors your spending, thus making managing your money a breeze!

You can download the app by

Please click here to contact us.

Please click here to contact us.

Any questions, comments, or queries can be sent to info@teachersocials.com

Welcome to Teacher Socials

Teacher Socials connects teachers and brings like-minded people together and membership is open to all employees working within the education sector. Our free app unlocks amazing teacher discounts and events throughout the UAE and more.

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